What is CSPPA?

CSPPA – the Children’s Sport Participation and Physical Activity study – is an all-island research study that forms the most comprehensive analysis of youth participation in physical activity, physical education and sport on the island of Ireland.

CSPPA has been running in Ireland for more than a decade, with our first study taking place in 2010.

Over this time we have collected data on levels of participation in physical education, physical activity, youth sport, active travel and sedentary behaviour from over 11,000 children and young people.

We have also collected information on physical health, fitness, muscular strength and endurance, and asked children what they think of the opportunities provided to them to be more active.

CSPPA has informed government policy, practice by physical education teachers, youth sport coaches, and researchers interested in how to promote physical activity in this cohort.

Aims of CSPPA

CSPPA examines sport, physical activity, PE, sedentary behaviour, and active travel in children and young people across the island of Ireland.

CSPPA aims to:

1) Comprehensively assess and provide quality data on participation levels.

2) Determine factors that enhance or inhibit participation.

4) Explore associations between physical activity and health.

5) Examine how behaviours change over time.

6) Provide information relevant to policy makers, PE teachers, coaches, parents and young people on how to enhance physical activity participation.

CSPPA Ambassadors

Click here to access training videos and information for administering the CSPPA questionnaire to your students.

CSPPA Reports

View our latest CSPPA reports and find statistics on children’s sport, physical activity, and P.E. participation since 2010.

CSPPA Schools

CSPPA schools receive individualized school reports on sport, physical activity and P.E. participation, as well as access to resources.