Across the island of Ireland, over 140 schools are being invited to take part in CSPPA 2022.  In each of these schools, one or two class or year groups will be selected to participate in the study.

If your child is in the selected class or year group of a CSPPA 2022 school, they will be asked if they would like to participate in the study.  As their parent or guardian, you too will be asked if you consent to your child being involved in the study.

Students who participate in CSPPA 2022 will complete an online questionnaire, during class time.  The questionnaire asks students about their experiences and opinions relating to physical activity, PE, sport, active travel, and sedentary behaviour.

The CSPPA study has been collecting data on children’s physical activity, PA and sport participation since 2010.  The purpose of CSPPA is to understand both barriers and incentives for involvement, and to provide teachers, coaches, parents, students, and policymakers with relevant information on how to increase participation in physical activity.