A CSPPA Ambassador is a school’s CSPPA representative.  Their role is to facilitate the administration of the CSPPA 2022 questionnaire with a selection of students in their school.

Training and Resources will be provided to the CSPPA Ambassador by the CSPPA research team.  These will facilitate the CSPPA Ambassador to prepare for and administer the questionnaire.  Once a school has signed up to CSPPA, the CSPPA Ambassador will receive full log-in access to resources and training materials on this website.

Why take part?  CSPPA is the most comprehensive overview of children’s physical activity, sport and PE participation in the island of Ireland.  The data we collect through the CSPPA questionnaire is key to informing policy and practice for improving the health and wellbeing of our children and young people.

What are the benefits for schools? Each CSPPA school will be provided with their own, confidential report.  Webinars, online resources, and tutorials tailored to interpreting the CSPPA results will also be available to participating schools.

How to get involved.  If you would like to become a CSPPA Ambassador for your school, please complete our expression of interest form.

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CSPPA Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors can access training videos and information for administering the CSPPA questionnaire to your students.

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